Summer School

SUMMER WORKSHOP, 2024 in Children’s Art and Language Workshop and Language Studio

📍 The beginning of the adventure:

June 3, 2024

📍 End of Adventure:

August 30, 2024

Monday through Friday:

8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

🤗 For all children ages 7 to 10 in a small group.

🧭 Our ancient city of Plovdiv offers many attractions and discovery of unknown places.

🏫 * We will discover ourselves in its rich history, architecture, archaeological wealth, art and natural attractions in the rich museum collections and old houses.

🎨 We will meet Plovdiv artists, writers, artists, we will go to visit our firemen, old craftsmen and in studios of our artists.

🌳 We will play and play sports in the Tsar Simeon Garden and learn about its history and monuments.

📚 We will fill in what we missed from school in a fun way.

🎾 We will have picnics and play games.

🏅 We will discover the hidden talents in each of our friends through our Art and Yoga classes.

🌏 And most of the time you will be able, if you wish, to converse in your favorite foreign language – English, French or Russian with our teachers.

🤗 Additionally, our summer program will include yoga classes, painting and applied arts, acting with qualified, experienced teachers.

✏️Information for mom and dad:
Prices for summer 2024

One day visit – 35 BGN (4,5 hours) / 45 BGN (9 hours)

🚸 Half day visit (4,5 hours)
300 BGN per month (x 15 BGN / day)

🚸 For a full-day visit (9 hours)
600 BGN per month (x 30 BGN /day)

* Pre-payment of 50% of the fee up to a maximum of 2 weeks before the first visit guarantees your child’s place.
* Prices are based on 20 working days. In months with more working days, the fee is pro-rated.

🤗 On request, the price of all additional classes for children who are part of the summer class is 12lv. for 60 min.

🍅 Lunch is available in two options:

🥪 bring from home your favorite dish from mom and grandma’s kitchen;

🥗 we eat/order lunch at nearby restaurants of choice for everyone in our group after budgeting in advance.

🔔 Additional offer – after 5:30 pm you can continue with language classes in English, German, Russian ; enriching Bulgarian language for children from abroad.

If you pick up your child after 5:30 pm, you will be charged an extra 10BGN per hour.

🏫 * Fees for our additional classes, museum, theater or other attraction are not included.

🌐 Our teachers are experienced teachers with professional experience at home and abroad.

🔎 We comply with all epidemiological and sanitary requirements.

☎️ For more information and enrolment call: 0988 95 67 67; 0888 693 828;

We study diligently.

We respect everyone and expect them to respect us.

We concede things with our friends.

We love learning and playing games.

We always tell the truth.