Summer School

Summer School

Summer adventures with friends at – we play, explore and have fun together from dawn to dusk in the centre of Plovdiv!


📍 Adventures begin:
June 4, 2020

📍 Adventures end:
September 14, 2020

8.00 – 16.00

🤗 For children aged 6 to 11 in groups of 8 friends.

🧭 The centre of our ancient Plovdiv offers lots of attractions to explore new places.

🏫 We can rediscover ourselves in its rich history, architecture, archeological riches, art and natural phenomena through its amazing museum exhibitions and old houses.

🎨 We shall meet Plovdiv-based painters, writers and actors, we shall visit experts in the Fire Brigade, the artisan guild and artistes’ studios.

🌳 We shall play and do sport in the Tzar Simeon Garden and we shall learn about the history of the monuments there.

📚We shall catch up on missed learning in a fun way.

🎾 We shall organize picnics and play at will.

🏅We shall discover hidden talents in each of us, including our friends.

🌏 And all through the day we shall be having the opportunity to speak in our best foreign language with our teachers, if we so wish – English, German, Spanish or Russian.

✏️Information for Mom & Dad:

🚸Half day (4 hours) – 60 Lv a week (no lunch included) with increasing discounts for longer sessions.

🚸Full day (8 hours) – 100Lv a week (no lunch included) with increasing discounts for longer sessions.

🍅Lunch options:

🥪 we bring from home our best meal from granny’s and Mom’s kitchen;

🥗 we have lunch at nearby eateries as selected by everyone in the group.

🔔 Additional offer – between 16:00 and 17:30 we provide language activities in English, German, Spanish, Russian and enrichment in Bulgarian for children coming from overseas.

🌐 Our teachers are skilled educators with long experience from abroad and in our country.

🔎 We observe all anti-epidemic and hygienic measures as prescribed by the Authorities.

☎️ For further information call us at: 0888 693 828; 0988 95 67 67; 0876 419 794


We learn diligently.

We respect all and expect the same from them.

We share with friends.

We love to learn and play.

We tell the truth always.