Events studio


The beginning of our work with students has been very encouraging. It is an honour for us it work with participants who are motivated and actively engage in the learning process.

5th March, 2020: We started new groups for levels A1 and B1 in English. We prepare for the certificate exams organized by Cambridge at the British Council in Sofia. The Studio will work in new groups in Spanish, German, Italian and Russian.

16th March, 2020: We believe in the future of our country and our people. In hard times like these ones the inner bravery of people is manifested. We face restrictions but we continue to enrich ourselves. Learning is online. We use several online platforms. Adults are in distance learning.

16th April, 2020: We progress in the online learning and we are impressed by the determination of our adult learners to tackle technical challenges. We organize new online groups from the end of April.
20th April, 2020: In line with our parents’ wishes we postponed our participation in the tests by Cambridge. Our learners will sit for these tests in autumn.

10th May, 2020: We are starting a new A2 group in English. We appreciate all students who worked successfully in the previous group. We hope that the skills they developed will help them to handle better their duties at work and in their personal lives.

05th June, 2020: We are happy to announce that the online group successfully completed their work in A2 English. All students meet the standards and can move on to the next level.
We expect B1 English to commence in the beginning of July.